Enjoying Life One Glass at a Time

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Welcome to the Wine Club at Merrill Ranch!

Whether you spend the summer up north or are "Rounders", you can follow all our escapades right here!

Our website is the best way to find out what we have done and what we are planning for the future. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Pictures and articles by you, the members, are always welcome!

The past newsletters document the meetings since last May. Click a link at the left to see descriptions and pictures of our past events.

The Links and Downloads page contains some files and links that may be of interest to oenophiles (that's us!).

Our upcoming escapades are briefly listed on the Upcoming Events page. Check it out to see what's up for our next meeting.

The Decanting Experiment is a detailed write-up of a double blind experiment Bruce carried out designed to find out if decanting actually changes the taste and smell of wine!