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April Wine Club

We had another great turnout for our April meeting! We had 50 tasters turn in score tickets for what is probably the last of our Big Turnout months. Next month will surely see fewer of us with the departure of many of our snowbirds.

Click here to see the May meeting details on our Upcoming Events page.

Financial Report

Our Treasurer has chosen to take a vacation and is probably eating and drinking her way across California (with the VP) rather than seeing to the very important task of doing the financial report for us. Good help is hard to find. We will get the report out next month. I
can say that we spent $2 more than we took in for the tasting this month. Pretty close considering we had over $250 to spend.

The Tasting

This month we would have featured 3 Syrahs from widely different regions of the world. Total Wine threw us a curve and put a GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) in the Syrah area. We were so excited to get wines that fit the area and price point! We patted each other on the back until we got out to the car and saw our mistake. BUT, it turned out rather well. Not only was the California wine (the one to pick out for the door prize) not strictly a Syrah (only 20%) but it was considerably more expensive than the others.

So, on to the numbers. A total of 21 (out of 49 votes) chose the Calcareous Tres Violet from Paso Robles correctly as the California wine (Wine A). Even more, 24 of us, voted for Wine C, the Shotfire Ridge Shiraz (that’s Aussie for Syrah). The Shotfire Ridge was the heaviest of the 3, and knowing the Paso Robles trend of ever-darker and heavier wines, it was understandable that so many gave it a vote. The lightest (and cheapest) wine was the Gassier Syrah from the Rhone region of France, Wine B.

As for preference, 24 of you gave the California wine your highest rating, 14 rated the Shotfire ridge as their best wine while 6 rated the French wine highest. There were 5 people who gave 2 of the wines the highest rating.

March 2015 Wines

The wines differed considerably in style. The French wine was typically less fruity and less bold than the other two. That’s why the French wines are often said to be “food friendly”. Big, heavy wines tend to dominate rather than complement the accompanying eats, though they can be spectacular to sip and enjoy with good conversation and more wine. The Aussie wine was the biggest and “darkest” of the three. I would enjoy drinking it most with something like a red meat appetizer wrapped with bacon and cooked on the grill. The Paso Robles wine fell somewhere short of the Aussie wine in the heavy/big category though certainly NOT in quality. I gave all of the wines a rating of 90 or above. Though Syrah is not my favorite varietal, I can appreciate well-made wines of any style.

If you really enjoyed either of the 2 cheaper wines, you might want to write them down for a future purchase. At under $20, they are a very good buy.

The Food and the Folks

Thanks to the volunteers who poured the wine as the rest of us got our appetizers. Pat Gougelmann again worked the crowd with camera in hand to capture the best side of Wine Club, you and your wonderful food. Thanks to all of you for making the event another memorable one. And thanks also to at least 2 sons-of-members (and family) for joining in our festivities.





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