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September Wine Club

We had a great turn-out for our last hot-weather tasting of the year, doing two blind tastings (or tasting 'til we go blind?). We finished off the last of our intermediate heats of El Primat Vino in one tasting and tasted three Cabernet Sauvignon wines (including a box wine) in the other. More on that in a bit, first to other business.

Amador County Trip

We are getting ready to roll on the annual wine trip. We have only 6 of us going this year, so we anticipate a laid-back time with lots of deviation from our planned schedule, such as it is. We are working on bringing back some of the fruits of our very difficult labor for the October meeting-see the
Upcoming Events page.

October Meeting

We will meet October 2nd at 5
PM. October's tasting will be an array of Amador County wines along with the El Primat Vino finale.

Please be thinking about nominating any interested person for board member. Nominations will be due at the November meeting.


The Tastings

El Primat Vino

The third and final heat of El Primat Vino was completed. We now have 3 most excellent wines to taste for the finale. Here's how they stack up:

July- 2009 Heitz Cellars Napa Cabernet chosen by Bill and Martha Jones
August-2008 Rutherford Ranch Reserve chosen by Hank and Pat Gougelmann
September-2012 Caymus Napa Cabernet Anniversary chosen by Bob and Ruthie Wloczewski

All those already entered will taste these three wines again for the final in October. Anyone NOT already in the competition can join for $25--but let us know ASAP.

Box vs Bottle

The Box vs Bottle theme returned this month for red wines. We tasted a Joel Gott Cabernet from California ($13.99), a 2009 PureCru Cabernet from Napa ($44.99), and a 2012 Cuboid Cabernet from California ($21.99 for 3 liters which works out to $5.50 for 750 ml).

The wines were all purchased at Total Wine. We chose the Joel Gott to have a fairly inexpensive wine represented that was readily available (Safeway always carries it). We all have had Joel Gott and think it is pretty good. The PureCru was a pig-in-a-poke in that none of us had tasted it prior to the blind tasting. It had two things going for it, a high price tag (if that is a plus) and a rating of over 90 points. We kept the ignorance going with our selection of the Cuboid--none of us were familiar with it. It was one of the more expensive box wines and is not available at Safeway.

Out of 16 people that answered, half of us (8) chose the Cuboid (wine C) as the box wine. Interestingly, 3 people that chose the Cuboid as the box wine did not rate it the lowest in their numerical scoring. Maybe they thought they had cheap tastes? Two of us chose the $45 wine as box wine and 5 guessed the Joel Gott.

The numerical ratings were interesting as well. While very close, the Joel Gott garnered top spot with an 89.6 rating, The PureCru received an 89.1 and the Cuboid came in last with a respectable 85.7. At under $6 for a bottle, that's not too bad. I leave it to you to decide what you like because in the end that's what it's all about. I once talked to a guy who tried convincing me that Kendal-Jackson wine was the best and that's all that should be on the shelf. I told him that if that were so we needn't do any more wine tastings. I won him over.

The Food and the Folks

As always, it's the people and what we do that makes it all worth it. Thanks to Pat Gougelmann for the pictures and thanks to all of you that stick around to help clean up. Without you there would be no wine club.





Until Next Time...

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