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October 2015 Wine Club

Another great premium taste-off and some very nice Sangiovese wines were featured in the first of our after-summer meetings. I always think of the October meeting as the beginning of the wine club year—our Snowbirds are beginning to return and the summer heat is beginning to leave.

The Tastings

El Primat Vino

The second heat of El Primat Vino was completed in September. Additionally we had a third wine to taste. My entry into the EPV tasting was corked so I replaced it with another French Syrah and added it to the final tasting.

The wines were decanted, tasted blind, and scored very simply with tasters asked to simply circle their favorite. We had 3 votes for Wine A, no votes for Wine B, and 9 votes for the winner and NEW El Primat Vino title holders (trumpet fanfare here….) Wayne and Kathy Pearson! Their 2010 Henschke Barossa Red Wine from Australia was an excellent Syrah and stood out among the competitors.

Wayne and Kathy now have bragging rights until next year.



The Sangiovese Tastings

Diane and I finished up our summer-of-many-road-trips with a journey to Amador County California. This time the goal was not wine tasting but sometimes you’ve just gotta sacrifice for the good of the club. We came away from Sutter Creek with a lot of Sangiovese for the October tasting and some Zinfandel and associated stories for next month’s meeting.

We thought it would be interesting to taste wines made from the same grape, in this case Sangiovese, from the same winemaker, the same year(2012), and from the same area. The variable was mostly the clone.

Wine A——Noceto Sangiovese, a blend of 84% estate grapes and 14% from neighboring vineyards.
Wine B——Noceto Dos Oakies Sangiovese, vines sourced from the Il Poggione vineyard in Montalcino.
Wine C——Noceto Hillside Sangiovese, vines sourced from the Isole e Olena vineyard in Chianti
Wine D——Noceto Marmellata Sangiovese, vines sourced from the Biondi Santi vineyards in Montalcino.


The wines are all reasonably priced, with ‘A’ going for about $14 and the rest at about $23 each (all wine club prices).

In the blind tasting, we asked you to rate the wines and to pick out the wine you thought was the cheap one. While Wine ‘A’ was chosen most as the least expensive, all of the wines got several votes. A quick scatter-plot of the scores showed all 4 of the wines scoring in the upper 80’s. You can
click here to get more information on these wines.

And, speaking of the 80’s, one of our members, Mike Shoppell, hit the 80 milestone. Congratulations, Mike!


Thanks to all of you that showed up and a special thanks to those that stayed and helped to clean up!

And finally, a few pictures of all of you, the food and the wine (thanks to Pat Gougelmann for the photos—notice the nifty captions!) . Without all of you, well, we’d have to drink all that wine by ourselves
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Until Next Time…

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