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February Wine Club

Looks like our February meeting had the highest attendance of the year. We had over 50 of us in the blind tasting and about 60 altogether. Thanks to all of you for making the club a rousing success!


We have been pretty successful collecting our dues-thanks to all of you that have paid. Your $5 goes toward napkins, paper plates etc. Additionally we have a cushion when we go to buy our wine for the blind tasting--we often seem to overshoot by a couple of bucks.

Speaking of wine buying, a big Thank You to Wayne. He has been great at finding coupons to lower our overall cost. I think we saved about $35 on our blind wines last month.

March Meeting

Click here to see the March meeting details on our Upcoming Events page.


The Blind Tasting

This month we tasted some of the wines from Bordeaux, France. The slides from the opening show about Bordeaux are below for those interested.

The Law and Wines
Left and Right Bank
The Label
The Great Growths
Other Great Bordeaux

Our blind tasting included two from the right bank (Merlot-based from St. Emillion) and two from the left bank (Cabernet Sauvignon-based-one from Haut Medoc and one from Pauillac).

Our tasting tasks were twofold. First, pick out the two right bank (Merlot-based) wines for the drawing. Second, rate the wines on a 10 point scale-something new for us. The tasting notes are below. The A, B, C, & D correspond to the bag designation.

Four Bordeaux

B and C were the Merlot-based wines, correctly chosen by 11 of 41 who responded. Looking at the data, each wine was guessed as a Merlot by between 17 and 24 people. I think that qualifies as a tough question!

This month we are starting something new by rating the wines on a 10 point scale. Using your ratings for each wine I then compiled them into a 100 point scale. The results were:

Ch. Lynch Moussas (Cab-based $50)……………...81 points
Ch. Landat (Cab-based $18)…………………….…….81 points
Ch. La Fleur Poitou (Merlot-based $18)…………..80 points
Ch. Fonroque (Merlot-based $50)…………………..74 points

I'm not at all sure what we can take from this. The ratings were very close for the top 3 and not too far off for the bottom wine. The least liked wine was also one of the two most expensive. By the way, all of these wines earned 90 or more points from either Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast. As a whole, I think the wines were very good (though one of them to me had an off smell that I couldn't get past). The ratings were rather low. Let me know if that was because you truly thought the wines were below par or maybe a reflection of the new way we are rating the wines.

I rather like the blind tasting format. It makes me leave my biases behind as I try to decide what I think about the wines. This month I chose as my favorite one of the two $18 wines. I can add it to my cellar knowing I prefer it to a couple of spendier choices.

The Food, Folks and Festivities

A short photo gallery this time-gremlins took over the bits and bytes of the digital imagery.

The Appetizers...


One of the left bank wines…


An example tasting note...


Until Next Time….

Red Slosh