Enjoying Life One Glass at a Time

May 2014 Wine Club

Our May wine club meeting was another great get together. This is the time of year when our snow-bird members are fleeing north for cooler climes. Even so, we had over 30 attendees.

This marks the beginning of the third year of our website. The archived newsletters from prior years are contained in a separate section that you can access.

This month also is the two year anniversary of the institution of our blind tastings. Though the blind tastings have been varied in their success, I like the general format and have learned a lot. We have had a couple of suggestions to forgo the blind tastings for a more structured approach. Any comments on that are welcome.

The May Tasting and Pics

This month we tasted South African wines. The wines from the Pinotage grape (a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault) were well represented in the Slosh n Nosh and our blind tasting. Consensus seemed to be that it was certainly a drinkable wine, but not something most of us will be seeking out.

Some of the wines we tasted and the lucky winners of the "Party Tube"!


And our people...


Our blind tasting selection and our pourers...


And some of the best appetizers anywhere...


For Mom