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June 2013 Wine Club

Our June wine club meeting brought out all of us hard core Arizonans who laugh at the triple digit heat. Well, maybe we only grin a bit and bear it. But for one reason or another, we remain here for the summer, rooted like a saguaro to the Sonoran desert.

Our next meeting will be in August, July having been passed by in the tangle of the July 4th weekend. More on that tasting shortly via email.

The Rose' Wine Tasting

This month we took a break from the reds to try some Rose' wines that better fit the hotter weather. The four wines we tasted are shown below-the A, B ,C & D penciled-in are the actual bag that each wine was in. Of the four, only wine A was a domestic (California's Dry Creek Valley) while the other three were French.

Rose 1

The Blind Tasting

This month, you were eligible for the prize drawing by correctly guessing which of the four wines was the California juice. Eight out of the 18 of us that participated in the drawing guessed 'A' and the lucky winner (of a bottle of French Rose') was...

Buddy Arviso!


We also rated the wines on a 100 point scale. This month there just isn't much to say-all 4 of the wines scored from 85.4 to 86.8. Though there were several of you that preferred one wine over the others by a large difference, the wines averaged nearly the same. Though I think most of us enjoyed the wines, I also got the idea that Rose' is not our favorite.

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