Enjoying Life One Glass at a Time

November 2013 Wine Club

It was great to see many of our returning snowbirds along with some new members. We had over 60 of us total-a "fully armed and operational" wine club meeting!

The November meeting featured a Slosh n Nosh of wines from your travels or home states along with the always excellent appetizers you provide. The tasting presented us with a pair of sweet wines, each served with a dessert designed to complement it.

The Tasting Wines

For several reasons we decided to keep our tasting to only 2 wines and pour a bit more of each. Most of us, when we drink dessert wines at all, tend to enjoy them in small sips. Also, dessert wines seem to cry out for careful pairing with an appropriate sweet course.

This month, Diane Porter and Karen Shoppell volunteered to make a dessert to compliment our two wines. We had a chicken/egg kind thing in that we rolled around ideas until both dessert and wine popped out. Karen really liked the idea of having an Ice Wine and fruity tart to pair with it. Bruce is pretty much all-chocolate-all-the-time and steered one of the desserts in that direction. Port wine was picked to pair with a flourless (almost) chocolate cake from Diane.


Ice Wine is made from grapes frozen on the vine. For that reason, Ice Wines are never a sure thing. Grapes can get over-ripe or under-ripe before the first freeze hits. There will often be a year or two between vintages. We chose a Wagner 2012 Riesling Ice Wine from the Finger Lakes region of New York State. This is a real up and coming region for all Rieslings and worth a try if your tastes run there.

Ports are a good subject for a heavy volume-not gonna happen here. Just very briefly, we chose a 2008 Quinta de Ventozelo LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) Port. LBV is just one of many styles of Port, about which Wikipedia says:
Late bottled vintage (often referred to simply as LBV) was originally wine that had been destined for bottling as vintage port, but because of lack of demand was left in the barrel for longer than had been planned. If you enjoyed the Port, there is a whole world waiting for you.


We had several comments on the pairing of the wines and desserts. One person said that they didn't care for the Port until they tried it with the cake-at which time it became one of their favorites! On the other end, the Ice Wine sparkled with the fruit. My complements to the cooks! A very successful end to the night!

As is always the case, the people make the party. We can't do this without your support and encouragement (along with your constantly surprising appetizers!). Following are some photos of the best wine club going (and thanks again to Pat Gougelmann for shooting these!).




And until next time...