Enjoying Life One Glass at a Time

July Wine Club

For our July get-together we took a midsummer break from the hard work of tasting and rating wines. We took a vote, deciding between a beer tasting, Sangria, and Margaritas. The consensus was to do both Sangria and Margaritas! For you purists out there, yes these are not strictly wines. Well, OK, Margaritas (and beer) are not wine at all. But summer is here and we are all ready for a laid back time during our break from a hard winter of retirement.

BUT...We also had our first preliminary taste-off for the El Primat Vino premium wine tasting (more on that shortly). And, we are already making plans for our third annual wine trip (see the
Upcoming Events page)

The Sangria/Margarita Tasting

The Sangrias and Margaritas were varied and universally excellent! We had examples of both commercial and homemade versions of both drinks, including fresh fruit (we like to keep it healthy!) Sangrias and a Margarita made with prickly pear fruit imparting a delightful sunset-pink color. We needed that sunset reminder as one of the first monsoon wind and rainstorms of the season darkened our evening (picture below). It was quite unexpected-at least one couple (Bob and Ruthie will remain nameless) chose to ride their golf cart to and from.


Some of our July offerings...


...your most-excellent appetizers...


...and some of our happy folks.

The El Primat Vino Tasting

With the non-wine folks occupied with their informal evaluation of libations, the first heat of the El Primat Vino premium wine tasting was taking place.

Having decided that eight wines is far too many to taste at a single sitting, this year we split the tasting into three months. Three wines were chosen at random from the entries brought by our participants. Our team is getting really good at compartmentalizing the opening, bagging, and selecting of wines with the result that none of us know the contents of the bags that were chosen for the July tasting. BTW, there is room for another entry. If you want to jump in, contact one of us.

Because of that, there just isn't much to say about the winner, except that it was Bag C. All three of the empty wine bottles (still in their bags) have been carefully secreted under the wary eye of Tweezel the watch cat. The other entries are bagged and ready for the next two taste-offs (tastes-off?). In September, the three winners will be unveiled and in October, those three will again be tasted blind to get this year's winner.


Don't even think about it...

Diane and I will be gone for the August meeting (see the
Upcoming Events page) but Wayne & Kathy are ready with the Chardonnay tasting. Until next time...