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September Wine Club

We had a great turn-out for our last hot weather tasting of the year, keeping it rather low key again. Next month our snowbirds will begin returning and things will start getting hectic once more.

The Slosh n Nosh

We had a lot of different (dare I say weird?) wines brought in for the Slosh n Nosh. These were supposed to be ‘something different’ and they didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed tasting some things I probably won’t see again. And your appetizers! The best in Anthem! I think we would all look forward to Wine Club without the wine—but it’s good we don’t have to!

Our Tasting

We are lucky to have folks that travel and also visit wineries when they do! This month our VP and Treasurer, Wayne and Kathy Pearson, returned from Central California with a trio of wines from
Guglielmo Winery. We tasted 2 Merlots and a Sangiovese from our usual brown bag covering (this is ostensibly to hide the identities of the wines, but it might be to mentally take us back to our misspent youth).

We asked the tasters to pick out the Sangiovese (as in one of these things is not like the other). We had 6 of you choose wine A, 15 choose wine B, and 10 guessed correctly that wine C was the Sangiovese.

Your ratings for the wines were quite similar in that most of you rated the 3 wines within 5 points of each other. There were 3 people who ranked wine A (the TRE Merlot and the most expensive wine) as the best by at least 10 points. Two others similarly ranked wine B (the Private Reserve Merlot) as their hands-down favorite, while 2 of you thought wine C (the Sangiovese) was far better than the others. One taster who rated A and C equal and about average, gave wine B a score 40 points lower! Hey, that’s why we taste wines! To find out what we like and just as importantly, what we don’t.

You’ll see our door prize winners in the photos below. Leslie Bentley cleaned house and thought of us as she came across a hat, wine glass, and wine glass harness from a wine tasting several years back. That package along with a bottle of each of the three wines we tasted went out to 4 of our members.

October Meeting

El Primat Vino

The second and final heat of El Primat Vino was completed in July. We now have 2 most excellent wines to taste for the finale PLUS a bonus wine! The wine I purchased for the tasting was ‘corked’. I took it back to Total Wine and they gladly took it back. I replaced it with another Syrah and will put it in the competition as a ringer, so we’ll be tasting 3 very good wines.

Those of you that brought a bottle of wine for the contest will be tasting in the final taste-off. Anyone that did NOT bring a bottle but wants to taste these three fine wines, you can join us for a $25 fee.

And Other Stuff

Stay tuned for news of the ‘regular’ blind tasting in October. Diane and I will be slugging through Amador county, California in the next week and will try to bring back something special for the tasting.

Below are some great pics of our last meeting (thanks, Pat Gougelmann).




Until Next Time...

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