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November 2015 Wine Club
The Original Grandpere Vineyard

After a busy summer of traveling (twice to Kansas City) Diane and I took a bit of a break to revisit Amador County, CA and specifically the lore and mystique that is The Original Grandpere Vineyard.

There are several good accounts of the history of the vineyard, originally planted sometime before 1869. So rather than repeat the story,
here is a link to one of the better accounts. Like all good stories, there are several variations that can be had from various websites. Dig a bit in person and you can find differences even among those that lived through the history. If you’re lucky, you may show up when one of the principals is on hand to spin a story or two about the vineyard. That’s one of the neat things about our hobby (passion?)…these folks love to talk about the history and their experiences only a bit less than they love their jobs. If you show a genuine interest, you may get a barrel tasting, tour, or other impromptu experience that isn’t on any menu!

We concentrated our tasting on three of the four OGP (Original Grandpere Vineyard) Zinfandel wines. When comparing wines from different winemakers, rarely can the inevitable differences be ascribed only to winemaking. Harvesting times (day, night, ripeness of grapes. etc.), soil, microclimates, pruning styles, handling by the pickers, and many other factors can lend a difference to the final product. For these wines, the wineries that are permitted to buy OGP grapes get exactly the same grapes. The differences in the wines can be due only to happenings after the grapes leave the vineyard—winemaking!

But, on to the results! As is our usual procedure, we tasted the wines blind. The three wines and prices paid (we got wine club discounts on all of these) were:
Wine A Vino Noceto $32
Wine B Scott Harvey $43
Wine C Andis $35


Out of 38 of you that expressed an opinion, the Vino Noceto was our winner with 22 votes, followed by Andis with 11 and Scott Harvey with 5. Interestingly, the wines rank inversely to their price (which is one reason for tasting blind). I do think that the Scott Harvey wine might have garnered more votes with a few years age—it seemed to have a bit more depth as well as tannins that are a bit off-putting when the wines are young.


And On to Pictures

We had some nice Zinfandels…


And Great Appetizers…



Thanks to all of you that make our club such a great success!

So…Until Next Time…