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The Wine Club at Merrill Ranch
Holds Its First Wine Dinner!

At some our get-togethers (gets together?) to organize the various tastings and programs for the wine club, we had occasionally broached the possibility of organizing a wine dinner. After a couple of false starts and discarded ideas, it all came together. May 20, 2014 was chosen as the date of our first wine dinner.

Lucy Wing, owner and our host for the evening, has created a small but delightful restaurant in Superior, AZ,
The Jade Grill. Lucy worked for years in New York city as food editor of some major magazines and her expertise shows in everything she does. The food, asian leaning a bit to the American taste, is superb. She and her crew put together a wonderful meal with service that flowed seamlessly from one dish to the next.

Some photos of our trip (thanks again, Pat Gougelmann).

After meeting at the Union Center, we boarded Ollie the Trolley for our trip to Superior, AZ.


Our arrival. For most of our attendees, it was their first trip to the Jade Grill.


Wayne, Kathy, Diane and Bruce made two pilgrimages to the Jade grill prior to the dinner (what we have to go through), bringing possible wines to try with the dishes. Though it is not the usual wine dinner fare, we think we were able to choose wines that did a rather good job of complementing the dishes. The wines ranged from very reasonable in price (the Courtney Benham Gew
ürtztraminer and Oak Ridge Zinfandel, both under $15) to the L'Aventure Optimus ($35) and the Sauterne ($20 for 375ml).


It is our hope that this will not be the last wine dinner. Lucy told us that her favorite food to prepare is Italian! Might need to try several Barolo's to find a good fit