Enjoying Life One Glass at a Time

April Wine Club

We had a great turnout in April again. This is traditionally our last ‘big’ meeting before those that can’t take the heat have to move on. If you’re leaving before next meeting, have a safe trip. If you are staying, we will be wine-clubbing right through the blistering summer months.

On a personal note, as you may have heard, Diane and I are leaving for Europe shortly. We will be bicycling through the Bordeaux region of France, and spending a week each in the Piedmont area of Italy (Barolo) and the Tuscany region (Chianti). We hope to have some good stories and pics to go along with them when we return.

While we are gone, Wayne and Kathy will be guiding your path for May and June. I’m not sure what they have in store, but I’m reasonably sure it will involve wine and really good food!

The Tasting

Our thanks again to Dan and Cheryl Lowry who came up with the idea and helped us realize it. As you may know, it is extremely hard work to plan these things. The details of our planning meetings change, but food and wine is always mandatory. If any of you have ideas for other tastings, get with one of us and we’ll make it work.

We had three very nice Merlots that we tasted blind. As I remember, a plurality of you picked Wine C as the French wine (I missed it). Opinion on the best wine was well split with a fair number of you choosing each wine. I had every intention of doing a tally of the favorites and scores that you gave, but when it came time to leave we were missing the score sheets! The trash had already been taken, so we assumed they got ‘cleaned up’. Sorry about that.

On a philosophical note, I think it’s great that we are able to taste some nice wines that otherwise might not grace our tables due to price or other factor. Good for us! On the other hand, I’m becoming more convinced that I need to spend an hour or two with a wine (or two or three wines at most) to allow its character to come through. Those informal tastings around a nice dinner always seem to bring out the best in the wine.

So, to wrap this up, here are some great pictures from the last couple of meetings (thanks again to Pat Gougelmann!). Thanks to all who helped to clean up, set up and brought what was again an almost overwhelming array of great appetizers! We are becoming well known for these tidbits!

The Food and the Folks








Until Next Time…